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Managing Unconscious Bias to Strengthen Your Corporate Culture

Have you ever examined the sources of unconscious bias and how it can influence interactions with others? Have you ever understood how cultural values impact our own biases and interactions? Understanding unconscious biases and cultural awareness are critical first steps towards improving our performance, however we cannot stop there. Awareness alone does not guarantee success, but the ultimate question is how to take that awareness and put it into action in order to ensure these biases do not influence judgments about others. This directly impacts the library and information professional's inclusive work environment and the strength of the corporate culture. This session will allow participants to identify and understand their biases, and provide them with strategies for

managing biases to help improve intercultural effectiveness within the library and information center. It is understanding that we all have biases and how we can expand our thinking to learn how to overcome these biases. This will foster better communication and intercultural interactions among internal staff, stakeholders and patrons.



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