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Style and the Law Librarian: the Perfection of a Point of View

Style is how we present ourselves to others. The poet Richard Eberhart famously described style as "the perfection of a point of view." How we present ourselves to others in the profession demonstrates what we think of ourselves, our abilities, and our value. This program features prominent law librarians, known for their sense of style, discussing and displaying how adopting certain wardrobe elements, in conjunction with personal idioms, demonstrates their skill, value, and professionalism. The panel of "style experts" will include AALL President Ron Wheeler, Kyle Courtney of Harvard University, Joy Shoemaker of the U.S. Circuit Courts, Aaron Kirschenfeld of the University of North Carolina, Shannon Gruber Burchard of the University of San Francisco, and Les Forrester of Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones. Participants will leave this program with a better understanding of how and why to incorporate aspects of personal style in one's outward presentation, as well as one's professional affect.

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