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Workshops on the Cheap

Over the last year, members of IFLA and IALL have worked together to host workshops in Africa for law librarians there to help them build their network and strengthen their libraries. We have found that hosting these workshops can be done for a reasonable amount of money by creatively pairing with vendors and reaching out to others who share similar interests and willingness to work hard for success. This program would address the pitfalls and assets to planning workshops on the cheap. We'll discuss how to handle communication when the organizers are from different states (or countries), how to deal with relying on one person to be the scheduler on location, and how to seek out funding, as well as what to do with the funding once you've received it (i.e. bursaries, budgeting, etc). If you've ever wanted to know what it would take to run a weekend-long conference or workshop, this is the program for you.



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