Research & Analysis

A Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing a University Press Book

This session would bring together law librarians who have (or a law librarian who has) written or are in the process of writing a university press book in order to demystify the process, share ideas on the important book proposal process, and discuss how law librarians can use their expertise to assist patrons in developing proposal and marketing plans. A speaker or panelists will outline the process and share their personal ...more »

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Marketing & Outreach

Library Services for Legal Clinics

With the release of the ABA's standards for experiential coursework (Rules 303 and 304) and the demand for practice ready graduates on the rise, legal clinics at law schools are becoming a critical component of a well-rounded and meaningful legal education. All aspects of library services can apply to legal clinics, but clinicians and clinical students may need different resources (i.e. more practical or transactional) ...more »

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