Research & Analysis

Researching EU Legislation

This session will review the legislative process(es) at the EU, will show researchers how to find legislative materials at each stage of legislation as well as to find the materials related to already passed legislation. Will touch on national implementation. Will concentrate on freely accessible EUR-LEX databases.

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Teaching & Training

Speed Databasing: Encourage database matchmaking!

Want to update your one shot session? Tired of the click and show demonstration when introducing another database? Try Speed Databasing, based on the principles of speed dating, this instruction session is designed encourages database matchmaking in a formal setting. In this training session you will learn how to build a profile of the database, give your audience the opportunity to introduce themselves to several ...more »

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Information Management

Tools for Metadata Enhancement: MarcEdit and More

Deep Dive (preferred) or regular session to provide an in-depth introduction of metadata enhancement and customization tools such as MarcEdit, OpenRefine, and Python. Program would illustrate more advanced features of common tools (MarcEdit) while illustrating the capabilities and benefits of tools metadata librarians may not be as familiar with (Python). If done as a Deep Dive, at least 30-45 minutes would be devoted ...more »

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