Research & Analysis

A Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing a University Press Book

This session would bring together law librarians who have (or a law librarian who has) written or are in the process of writing a university press book in order to demystify the process, share ideas on the important book proposal process, and discuss how law librarians can use their expertise to assist patrons in developing proposal and marketing plans. A speaker or panelists will outline the process and share their personal ...more »

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Marketing & Outreach

Faculty Scholarship and Metrics: Calling on Vendor Support

How does your institution help faculty keep track of their articles being cited in publications or in blogs (or other social media)? Do you have an IR and how is that being tracked? Do you manually track HeinOnline, SSRN, and Google Scholar and use Excel spreadsheets to accomplish this goal? What are best practices for this? Why can't we have One Ring to Rule Them All? That's where a call for vendor development and support ...more »

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Professionalism & Leadership at Every Level

Don't just hire the best -- keep them

Many of us are fortunate enough to have outstanding colleagues, but keeping them engaged and feeling supported can be a challenge depending on resources, institutional and cultural barriers/norms. What can we (academic law librarians) learn from one another, as well as our law firm and government colleagues about alternative management models and support for professional development? For example, there are more opportunities ...more »

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