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Creating a Law Librarian Pipeline

Increasingly, whether academic, private or government entities, it's becoming more difficult to fill professional law library positions. As law and library school career centers and curriculums evolve, a professional opting in to a law librarianship career is diminishing. It may be to our advantage to strategize on how we can foster the development of a recruitment pipeline and build momentum and interest in the career.


Taking an engaged stance, let's consider sourcing our own in-house creative work addressing this issue as well as propose initiatives aimed at providing law school and library school curriculum developers and career centers with ways to include law librarianship in their instructional and coaching methods. This approach aims to stem the attrition rate and reverse a troublesome trend.


The panel and breakout session would include librarians with pipeline initiatives in place as well as library and law school career center representatives.


Looking for those interested in participating in the development of this type of program. Please can contact Malinda (



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