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Leading an ILS Migration trending idea

There is no way around it – migrating to a new library services platform is a challenge for everyone on the team during the best of times. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on and with telework becoming the norm, law libraries engaged in migration are facing a whole new set of difficulties. With much attention paid to the technical aspects of the process, it is important not to lose sight of larger organizational considerations, namely addressing migration issues unique to legal resources, coaching employees through change, establishing clear institutional objectives, reevaluating long-standing workflows, and managing the inevitable (and abundant) problems that occur during the project. Because migrations are a rare occurrence for many employees, measuring their success goes beyond getting the library's information into the new platform. It must also be about recognizing and capitalizing on the unique opportunities system migrations bring about. Yes, migrating to a new platform is hard, but that does not mean it has to be an overwhelmingly negative experience for you and your team. With insight from those who have survived previous ILS migrations, this program will examine what library managers at all levels can do to make their migration rewarding and successful for everyone on the team. We'll also explore ways to adapt these strategies in the telework environment.



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